Storage Tips

Be sure to store frequently used items at the front of the unit to avoid having to search for them


To locate your items more easily, it is recommended you have boxes labeled on all 6 sides and keep a list of contents in each box for quick retrieval.


Stack same size boxes for easy stacking but avoid stacking too high. Not only a safety hazard, the bottom boxes tend to collapse under the extra added weight


If feasible leave an aisle in the center of your unit so you have access to the back of unit or at least leave some walk space in front of shelving for easy access. This is especially useful for boxes of business files that may need to be accessed often.


When packing small objects or toys, remember to fill boxes completely by stuffing open areas with plain newspaper print to prevent the box from collapsing when stacked.


Always stack heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top. Be sure to fill all spaces. This helps boxes to not collapse under the weight. It is highly recommended you use pallets to keep boxes off the concrete floor to prevent moisture.


Vacuum cleaners should NEVER be stored with the bag left in, throw it away before you store it.


Draperies should be stored on hangers and in heavy duty boxes or wardrobe boxes to retain their original shape.


A good plan utilizing all the space available to you upfront will save you time in locating needed items or having to rearrange the space later.


If you must put cherished possessions in your storage unit, place them out of sight in back of unit therefore keeping them away from the public eye while you are visiting your unit.


Insurance - Please contact your homeowners or renters insurance agent to verify if you have off site coverage. A great asset to have in case of an unforeseen problem would be an inventory of your stored items kept in a safe deposit box or some other off-site location



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