Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between temperature climate control storage and traditional non-climate storage?


Traditional non-climate storage is a space that is safe and dry with no climate features. Temperature climate control storage is centrally controlled air systems which heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Your items are protected against temperature extremes.


When do I need temperature climate control storage?


If you live in South Carolina, we have summers that get above 90 degrees and winters that can get below 32 degrees. These extreme conditions can damage certain valuables stored in storage units.


What items are recommended for storage in a climate control space?


Antiques, Archival/Historical Documents, Artwork/Paintings, Audio Equipment, Books, Important Papers, Cameras/Video Equipment, DVD's/CD's/Vinyl Records, Clothing/Furs, Computer Equipment, Construction Supplies, Craft Supplies, Food Supplies, Musical Instruments, Pharmaceutical Samples, Medical Machinery, Plastics, Restaurant Equipment, Seasonal Inventory, Valuables, Tools, TV's/Stereos, Furniture: Leather, Upholstered, or Wood


Since climate control storage cost more that traditional non-climate storage, how do I determine from the list above the absolute valuables I must place in climate control?


Know the value of each, which are covered by insurance, which items are irreplaceable.

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